5 Things on Your Desk That Look Unprofessional

If you're looking for a promotion this year, you could do yourself a big favor and clean your desk. The following are five things that employers and coworkers view as unprofessional. Fix these issues if you have them and you could be climbing the ladder of success in 2019. 

1. Dishes and food containers. Lunch at work is fine, but having a week's worth of microwavable containers and used coffee mugs is another. Most coworkers will view this as rude, while your boss may see this as an example of poor time management skills. 

2. A swarm of paper sticky notes. According to a recent survey of senior managers, having messy or disorganized work spaces is one of the "most distracting or annoying" thing about employee work areas

3. Anything political. Keeping political stuff around your desk or computer screen runs the risk of making you look inappropriate in the office. Not to mention no matter what your beliefs are, you're guaranteed to tick off at least HALF of your coworkers. 

4. Toys. This of course depends on your vibe at work. Radio guys can and DO get away with this on a daily basis. But, in some environments this can make you seem immature and less professional. 

5. Out-of-season decorations. If you still have fall or Christmas decorations up in January, you could come off as lazy or forgetful. 



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