Five Foods That Fight Colds

We've heard the phrase, "feed a cold" and "starve a flu" before. Bur the whole starving idea probably isn't the best advice. Cutting calories while sick could actually make it harder for your body to fight off a virus. 

The FEED a cold part is probably ok though. In fact science is showing that a few foods could actually help with your cold and flu symptoms. 

1. Oysters. They're full of zinc which is the active ingredient in a lot of medicines like Zicam

2. Garlic. Garlic blocks enzymes involved in bacterial and viral infections. Plus it helps your immune cells. Always a good thing. 

3. Almonds. I've never heard of this one before but almonds contain micronutrients in their outer skin which can boost the sensitivity of your white blood cells. 

4. Kiwi. A study a few years ago gave one group of sick people a bunch of bananas, and another group of sickies some kiwi fruit to eat. Believe it or not the study found those eating kiwi's cured their symptoms up to 4 days earlier. That's a substantial decrease. This is one I might actually try next time I get a bug. 

5. Chicken soup. Yep. The old classic actually helps thanks to a compound called Carnosine. Studies have shown that carnosine helps with mucus and can clear your nose when stuffed up. 

(Eat This)



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