Polar Vortex Scaring People Pantless

So we recently experienced a "polar vortex." Well, I suppose we're STILL experiencing said vortex even as I type this, but relief is coming by tomorrow. But that's tomorrow. Let's talk about yesterday for a moment. So last night was so cold that even the planet MARS had more moderate weather. Yep, some places on Mars reached a balmy 23 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday while we clocked in about 60 degrees colder in some cases. For those who don't know, Mars is roughly 34 million miles FARTHER from the sun than we are, and yet, well, I don't think I have to go on. Let's just say it was chilly last night. Now, a lot of people might chicken out, run home and spend their entire night hiding from the world under a blanket when faced with temperatures like these, but Kayla Gowen in Oslo Minnesota is not such a person. So while RJ was busy running home and hiding under blankets, Kayla decided to make lemonade out of lemons, er snowballs out of snow flakes, or perhaps we should say when life hands Kayla a polar vortex, she makes self supporting pajama pants. Now there's a few neat things to do when the weather gets extremely cold. You can make those famous "ghost noodles," I've seen those a lot. You can throw boiling water in the air and watch it turn to snow, I get a kick out of that one; or you can do what we used to do as kids, there was this little game we liked to play called survival. Oh it was a blast. But it's not every day someone uses the brutal air to make pants stand by themselves. I think I actually lol'd at this one today so thanks for sharing the picture Kayla.

By the way, I asked Kayla how pulled it off (making the sculpture that is. I did not ask her how she pulled anyone's pants off).She said " I got them damp then went outside and formed them as they froze. Just pulling all the areas of the pants apart so they didn’t stick to each other. What they were formed and sturdy I moved to the edge of our drive way for everyone to see in the morning." Well Kayla, the world thanks you for your art. Here's to the next polar vortex!!

Listener Pic. Courtesy Kayla Gowan


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