How to Save Your Fizz

So the other day we were asking people to share their complaints and their casual observations. One listener called in wondering why Coke tastes so much better in a can or glass bottle than it does in a plastic bottle. Now, although the caller was correct on her flavor assessment, I had no real explanation for her. I did however ask her what she liked best about Coke in a can. She said it was the strength and the extra fizz that did it for her. Well, although I couldn't explain the reason for the difference, I was at least able to help her accentuate the positive. Prepare to be enlightened...

I'm about to share one of the greatest life hacks of all time with you. A trick so brilliant, so amazing that it may change your life forever. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but only slightly. The trick is ingenious, and so simple. I only wish I was the one who'd thought of it. The fact of the matter is, it was my dad who discovered it. OK, I'll stop dragging on here and get to it, then I'll share the rest of the story. I hate those click bait articles too. You know the ones that promise to share some amazing secret but never really end up getting to the point? Yeah, not cool man. OK so here's the trick, If you want your soda to retain most of its fizz in a glass of ice, you simply WET THE ICE CUBES! That's it. Get a big ole glass of ice, fill it with just enough tap water so that all the cubes have been soaked, then strain out the water. I do this by tipping the glass upside down with my fingers over the mouth of the glass acting as a makeshift strainer. THEN, you pour the soda of your choice in the glass while tipping it. You all knew about tipping the glass, but I bet ya never heard about wetting the ice cubes.

Seriously, try this. The listener I told this to ended up trying it out that very evening. Her test was so successful that she sent the station a facebook message the following day and captioned it "GENIUS!" Well, thank's listener, I really can't disagree with you. Now, the backstory. It was not I who discovered it. As I said, it was my father. I think he had noticed that the soda didn't fizz over in the glass upon refilling as badly as it did on round one. So, he decided to take that information and do a little reverse engineering. If the ice cubes were to START wet, surely no fizz would be lost. Well, surely he was right. I remember the night he showed us. My brother and I were having a movie night with the parents. I was but a lad. On this particular night dad hollered to us all from the kitchen exclaiming he had done it! He had figured out the trick to a perfectly poured soda every time. We laughed at him and first, but we realized quickly that he was right.

Wetting the ice cubes is second nature to me at this point. I do it every time. People mock me at first, but they eventually see the light, and you will too. And don't thank me, thank Eddie. -RJ



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