Acceptable Displays of Public Affection

As we gear up for Valentines day and prepare ourselves for the inevitable date nights in our near future, let's discuss PDA's. For those who don't know, PDA stands for public displays of affection and much to my surprise men are more comfortable with them than women. My theory on this though is that it depends on the stage of the relationship. I would say on a first date men would be ok with almost any display of affection. Fast forward to 20 years of marriage and usually the ladies end up begging to have their existence even acknowledged. But that's a story for a different day.

According to a new survey of 2,000 people these are the 5 types of PDA and their acceptance level

  1. Holding Hands, 92% think it's fine. 90% of men and 93% of women
  2. Hugging, 90%. 89% of men and 90% of women. (we all seem to agree on this one)
  3. Kissing without tongues, 68 %. 75% of men, 62 % of women
  4. Kissing WITH tongues, 15% thin it's ok. 20% of men and 9% of women
  5. Heavy petting, I'm not exactly sure what this one means but 6% of men think its ok and 2% of women

By the way, 2% of people in the survey said NO amount of PDA is ok (YouGov)



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