People Who Work 75 Hours a Week or Exercise Daily Are Probably Lying

So how many hours did you work last week? I put in your average 40 hours last week and as such I don't really feel the need to draw any attention to it. I tell ya what though, if I had worked forty ONE hours, I would probably have told you that I endured 50 hours of backbreaking work last week. Lying? Let's just call it a "friendly exaggeration." And before you judge me, I hope you realize everyone does it. You know who they are. They're the ones who say "yeah man, I put in 75 hours last week. Sucks, but I'm gonna love that overtime pay." To which you reply, "oh, man, I don't know how you do it," as you quietly roll your eyes in disbelief. Then two weeks later you find yourself bragging to anyone with ears about YOUR 75 hour work week. It seems we all bend the truth a little bit when it comes to how many hours we put in at work. We subconsciously crave acknowledgment for our labors I guess. Everyone wants to be respected. And telling others we're hard workers seems to be one of the best ways to get said respect. The same can be said about how much we exercise vs how much we TELL people we exercise. In a way, I'm not really bothered by any of this. It just shows society hasn't totally collapsed yet. Think about it. I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a world where people seek respect by bragging about how lazy and useless they are.

The reason I'm bringing this up today is because I just read a new study which stated that people who usually work 75 hours a week are actually working like 50. And people who say they're working 65 hours a week are really putting in about 47 hours. Now, don't get me wrong, that's still a lot of time each week spent working, but 50 is a far cry from 75. So how about exercise? Oh brother do we inflate THOSE numbers. People who exercise normally DOUBLE how often they're actually working out. Keep that in mind the next time you fell inadequate when your friend says they work 80 hours and hit the gym 6 times each week. Cut that in half and you're in the ballpark. And I'll give your bragging friend the same advice the next time they hear the same lies from YOU.



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