The Latest Benefits of Beer

It seems like every day we hear new stories about the benefits of things they used to say would kill us or the dangers of things they once said would kill us. It's hard to keep up with all this ever-changing information isn't it? I usually choose to pretty much ignore it all and do what I want. That is, until I come across a study that tells me exactly what I want to hear. In that case, I present the latest pros to the OCCASIONAL beer.

  1. A recent study found that one beer a day can lower your risk of kidney stones by 41%. Now, I've never had a kidney stone, but from what I hear about them, drinking a beer a day sounds like a much better alternative.
  2. It can replenish you after a workout. The carbs are good for you after burning a ton of calories. In fact, studies have found that it might be even better for you than water after a workout. In moderation again of course.
  3. It's good for your bones. A University of Texas study found that an occasional beer can actually increase bone density.
  4. It might help prevent Alzheimer's. The science is still out on this one but some researchers think trace amounts of aluminum in our body has something to do with the Alzheimer's. A study in Spain found two beers a day can limit it's ability to damage the brain.

Wow, this is all good enough for me. Cheers!!




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