5 Things That Make People Dislike Us

As we head into another long weekend, the first if the "summer" in fact, I thought it might be good to share some people advice from an article I read this morning. The article was titled "Five things that make people dislike you," and it covered the things we do from time to time that people really don't like to see. I figured we all might me meeting some new people over the next few days we can use the following to our benefit.

  1. humblebragging. That's where you pretend to be self-deprecating like saying "I'm so dumb or ugly" when you are neither of those things. People see right through this and will like you less for your compliment fishing.
  2. including smiley emojis in work emails. Smiling in person is obviously ok. But in emails especially at work it can make you seem less competent and people may like you less.
  3. Extreme close-up profile pics on social media. According to research, four and a half feet is the best distance for you and the camera lens. Any closer it makes you seem less trustworthy.
  4. Sharing too many photos of the same people. Research says friends like seeing pics of you and your family and friends, but not if it's the same friends in every pic. I don't know exactly why this is but that's what the experts say.
  5. Never talking about yourself. I bet you thought talking about yourself was bad right? Well, everything in moderation. If you talk to little about yourself it's hard for people to feel closer to you


Ok, that's what I read about today. Use the info as you may.



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