A Day at the Theater!

Well it was another great weekend in Grand Forks. Trevor D and I took my precious little goons out to see PJ Masks at the Chester Fritz on Sunday afternoon and it was awesome. It really was. Not only was the acting great but the production was amazing! So, the stage was set up to include a giant screen behind the actors. And the screen was actually in three different sections. One traditional square screen in the middle with 2 sequentially larger "border screens" outside the main. The whole set up added depth to the scenes and allowed for a tunnel effect when needed. The scene that really impressed me had our heroes speeding through town in the Cat-Car. While the live actors and physical props on the stage turned left or right, the cartoon scenery behind them matched their movements. It was a full on multimedia experience at points and honestly really exceeded my expectations.

My kids love the Chester Fritz. They think it's royal palace and though we didn't get there early enough this time, we usually make time to head to the top floor and look off the balcony before we settle in our seats. And while we're on that subject, I'm really not sure there IS a bad place to sit at the Fritz. Really, I have to say it was a great way to spend a Sunday. I was actually able to prove to myself that at this stage of my parenting career, that I'm starting to figure this thing out. I made sure the kids slept on the drive to Forks, and I fed them 20 minutes before showtime.For lunch we met up with Trevor D at the McDonalds on Gateway. The girls had their usual cheeseburger and small shakes. The girls made sure they only drank about an ounce of their shakes at the table too, the little darlings. This would later ensure maximum coverage of my back seat when they spilled them on the ride home. Anyway, the naps and the Mcdonald's ensured that when the curtain went up, I had two rested and well fed daughters and one Trevor D, all ready for some night-time crime fighting action.

My oldest sat in my lap through the whole show so she could see over the seats, while the youngest sat nicely in her own seat and intently watched the action on the stage...while there WAS action on the stage. During the intermission and before the show started, she proceeded to harass Trevor D like the sweet little honey badger she is. She jumped, she hugged and she wrestled the poor man, But I was more than happy to let Trevor avert her attention from me for a few minutes. And she must have had fun because on the way home she says to me "Daddy, does Trevor D liked to get married?" I said, "Trevor IS married honey." To that she yelled "He's MARRIED?!" And hung her head in sadness. I tell ya, I had one crushed little 5 year old for a while there. But don't worry, spilling that Mcdonalds shake on my seat seemed to really cheer her up.



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