Road Trip To Thief River Falls With XL93!

RJ and the goons

I don't know about you, but I LOVE go-carts. I love mini golf too for that matter, so it's pretty fortunate that I get to go to Falls Stay n' Play in Thief River Falls today because it's got BOTH of 'em! But the good news here is that you can come too!! And believe me, if you've ever wanted to check the place out then this is the day. To kick off the summer season, Falls Stay n' Play is offering 93 cent go-kart rides on their 1,100 foot gas powered track!! Twenty bucks would last you like all day at that price. But you have to make some time for mini golf. I took my kids there last year for the kick off and if I remember correctly, it'll take you about a half hour to get through the course and THAT'S only 93 cents a round. Talk about value. Really, it's a beautiful day; the sun is shining and summer is finally here so make a trip to Thief River Falls today and enjoy yourself. Oh, and bring some extra quarters for the arcade. I'll be there from 3-6 p.m. so make sure to say hello if you get a chance...I'll be the one with the blazing green XL93 shirt.

Breaking down the deals for the Summer Kick Off

  • 1,100 foot gas-powered go kart track (93 cent rides)
  • 18-hole mini golf course (93 cent rounds)
  • arcade
  • 93 cent hot dogs, churros or sodas
  • campground
  • roadrunner pizza and deli



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