Experts Say We're Eating Chocolate Wrong

I always tell my friends they're crazy for putting their chocolate bars and cookies in the fridge. I feel that the cold destroys most of the flavor of the chocolate. And it turns out I may be right about that because today I came across an article that says we've ALL been eating chocolate wrong. So here's how you're "supposed" to do it.

1. Stop chewing it so much. You'll taste it more if you press it up on the roof of your mouth, and let it dissolve by sucking on it.

2. Stop eating it in huge chunks. Breaking it up into smaller pieces releases the aromas. So you taste it more, especially if it's good chocolate. Rubbing it with your thumb also helps, but sounds kinda messy.

3. Smell it before you eat it. Just like wine, experts say you should smell your chocolate before you pop it in your mouth. It primes your taste buds, so you get more of the flavor.

4. Stop washing it down so fast. The taste of chocolate lasts a fairly long time if you let it linger. So you keep getting the flavor without eating more, which also saves calories.

(Delish/Chocolate Fetish)



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