Most People Want to Live Somewhere Else

If you're not happy with where you're living right now . . . well, turns out most of the people you'll see today feel the same way. According to a new survey, 70% of people say they wish they lived somewhere else.

So where do we want to move? 55% of people want to stay in the general area, but move to a different town or a different part of their current town.

27% want to move to a different part of the state or a neighboring state. And only 18% want to move further away, either to a state that's far away or to a whole different country. The survey also found the top 10 elements of a "dream" neighborhood. They are . . .

Grocery stores . . . parks . . . good schools . . . good restaurants . . . fast casual restaurants . . . a farmer's market . . . a library . . . big box stores . . . bike lanes and paths . . . and public transportation.

"Ethnic and cultural diversity" just missed the top 10. 

(Improve Net)



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