Who's going to step up and do something about bullying? This hits home!

My heart broke last night as I was scrolling over my friends facebook posts.  I came across a tragic obituary of a 12 year old girl from Bismarck.  CLICK HERE to see!  No, she didn't die from drugs or a an automobile accident.  She finally couldn't bare the relentless bullying from her classmates.  So, she took her own life.  

After doing some research I came across some of her facebook posts.  She was literally crying out for help.  What would've it took to turn this around?  Some person to simply "smile" and say hi to her in the hallway?  Maybe sit down next to her at lunch and strike up a conversation?  How about somebody stepping up and telling these bullies to "knock if off."

Sometimes all it takes is one act of kindness to turn things around.  Parents, if you're raising a bully...DO SOMETHING about it.  They're not just being kids, being kids.  Look for the signs.  It's not that difficult! Teach your kids what they can do stop bullying.  

The pain that this family is going through is unimaginable.  I really hope the kids who caused this will in someway learn from their ugliness and terrible actions.  It's something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

I wish I would've known her.  (I'm sure many of you do.)  That I would've been able to help in someway.  My heart breaks for this young girl!  Parents "Cherish" your kids and start raising them right!


Rockin' Rick (Rick Rider)

Rockin' Rick (Rick Rider)

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