More Saved By The Bell

Maybe I'm old, maybe I'm not the target audience, but I watched about 10 minutes of the first episode of the Saved By The Bell reboot and honestly, that was 10 minutes too long for me...which is sad because I watched all of the original episodes over and over and over when I was growing up.

So I'm shocked to report that Peacock, the streaming service for NBC announced it had picked up the reboot for a second, 10 episode season (remember when TV shows had 22 episodes per season?).

As Danielle Turchiano from Variety writes, the show is... a "reimagining of the beloved 1980s and 1990s sitcom sees California governor Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) trying to save face after closing too many underfunded high schools but proposing that the state send affected students to the most well-funded schools instead. This, naturally, means Bayside gets an influx of new students, which forces the privileged Palisades kids to finally get a reality check."

I don't know, I guess I'm an cranky old man?!?

Photo: Getty