Todd Mitchell Time Machine!
Todd moved to North Dakota in 1997...the year of the famous floods! He sent a blank audition tape, and got the job anyway (true story; the guy who hired him, however, is no longer with the company). Todd started working in radio in the '80s. Rochester, MN, Outer Banks, NC, Winchester, VA, back to Outer Banks, NC, to Columbus, OH, then North Dakota. His early experience was working for Rob Sherwood, the guy he grew up listening to in the Twin Cities (folks from there might remember WDGY, 63 KDWB, U-100, and/or 15 KSTP). Todd went to college for 5-and-a-half years, and got no degree; he finally was able to break his addiction to scholastics. Was an Ohio State Buckeye, so naturally hates the Michigan Wolverines ("Ann Arbor is such a GIRL'S name!"). Also attended Pacific Lutheran University (Go Lutes!) and University of Wisconsin-Stout (Go...what were they again??). And there was Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis; not a MILITARY academy. THAT might have done him some GOOD!Write him anytime (!