New Mexico Militia Group Under Fire For Detaining Migrants At The Border

Minutemen Break-Away Group Patrols California-Mexico Border

Minutemen Break-Away Group Patrols California-Mexico Border

While Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. argue about how to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border a militia in New Mexico is taking the matter into their own hands. The United Constitutional Patriots have been detailing their actions to secure the border online and their actions have drawn the ire of New Mexico politicians.

In one of the videos, members of the militia were seen holding around 200 migrants, which included women and children, at gunpoint until U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived to take them into custody.

“We’re just here to support the Border Patrol and show the public the reality of the border,” Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots told the New York Times.

The governor of New Mexico has condemned their attempts to police the border. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a statement saying that is “completely unacceptable” that migrants who are seeking asylum are "menaced or threatened in any way, shape or form when they arrive at our border.”

“It should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone,” she explained.

While the militia says they have never been told to stand down by agents, a spokesperson for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says that the agency “does not endorse private groups or organizations taking enforcement matters into their own hands."

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