Finally! We Have A Heavy Metal Knitting World Champion

The first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting Championship crowned Japan's Giga Body Metal as the greatest heavy metal knitters in the world.

And no, instead of knitting materials like germanium, arsenic, tungsten and mercury, heavy metal knitters knit regular yarn. But they do it on stage while a heavy metal band is playing behind them.

Just like classic heavy metal, there's a lot of stage craft involved as competitors knit as fast and as hard as they can while also headbanging to the music.

Twelve groups, representing at least eight different countries took part in the inaugural Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship in Joensuu, Finland, last Thursday, July 11.

"Knitting is such a meditative kind of activity, but now it's energetic, and it's heart-pumping," explained one contestant.

Knitters were rated on attitude, performance and a harder-to-define quality called 'heavyknittinghood.'

Giga Body Metal, which incorporated the Sumo into its set, was hailed as gracing the stage with a "groundbreaking show never seen before in this form" on its way to victory.

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Photo: YouTube / ODN