Baby's Name Is Considered 'The Worst Ever'

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Naming a child can be a real challenge for some parents, especially ones who can't decide on a name they like from the thousands that already exist. Sometimes they choose to make up their own name, which can be a little risky. Sure they might come up with something unique and pretty, but they also might wind up calling their child something others think is pretty strange. That's the case for one newborn, whose name got a lot of people talking on Reddit.

The child's name was revealed in a post titled, "The Worst Name I've Ever Heard IRL [In Real Life]." It reads, "So my mother just told me the name of her ex’s child and my GOD is it a doozy. He and his wife named their daughter: Audtom. Because his name is Tom and her name is Audrey. I could not f***ing believe my ears."

Commenters were pretty aghast by the moniker, with plenty piling on about how bad the name is. Others expressed what they felt were better ways to integrate the parents' names, with one writing, "Assuming this is pronounced 'Autumn' and not 'Odd-Tom,' would it have killed them to just spell it Autom? It's still butchered, but at least it's a frog hair closer to the correct spelling." Someone else said, "Not me thinking 'Tomrey' would be better," to which another commenter joked, "Tomrey is her brother." A different person then stated, "They missed an opportunity: 'Tawdry.'" Another lamented, "'Torey' was right there!"

No word on if the parents stuck with the name but you can read more of the comments on Reddit.

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