Vanna White To Flirty Contestant: 'Concentrate On The Puzzle Board, Not Me’

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Vanna White has been turning letters on Wheel Of Fortune since 1982, appearing on over 5,000 episodes. During that time, she's captured the hearts of many viewers, a lot of whom wound up with a crush on her. That was the case for Good Morning Football cohost Kyle Brandt, so when Kyle got chosen as a contestant on Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune, he used the opportunity to shoot his shot with Vanna.

As host Pat Sajak interviewed the 44-year-old sports fan, Kyle said, "Pat, I'm thrilled to meet you but Vanna, let's just put the cards on the table. I say this respectfully: you're a TV legend, my wife is here. You were my boyhood crush. I love ya. For many years of my life, you were the puzzle I wanted to solve."

Vanna nervously laughed and said, "Wow." Kyle then asked, "Do you have any advice for me today, Vanna?" He then added, "I believe you control the board. I love you Pat, but to me, this is a Vanna show." The 66-year-old White responded, "Well thank you for those kind words," then she suggested, "Buy vowels, pretend like you're in your own living room," but went on to advise, "Just concentrate on the puzzle board, not me. Okay? Keep me out of it. Think of the puzzles."

A shocked Sajak could only repeat Kyle's commentary, saying, "'You are the puzzle I wanted to solve?' This is your line?" Kyle replied, "It just came out. Did I hit bankrupt, Pat?" Sajak then joked that it was time to swap out Kyle, stating, "We have another celebrity available."

While Kyle got some bad news with Vanna turning him down - she has been dating construction company owner John Donaldson for a decade - he did alright on Wheel, winning the game and making it to the bonus round. He was able to solve it and won over $169,000 on the show, all of which will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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