Jeffrey T. Mason

Jeffrey T. Mason

I'm Jeffro...and here's my story. Let me know yours! Thanks so much for listening. I appreciate you!Full Bio

SUPERFLY - Jason Kelce Joins


Jeff and Susie discuss *The Bracelet* from season 1. 

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Goofy Goo

Conan talks to Steven in Silver City, New Mexico about working as an astrologer and jeweler, what stone Conan should wear, and Conan’s belief in the power of objects.


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Episode 1515 - Rodrigo Prieto

Rodrigo Prieto is the cinematographer of two of last year's most celebrated films: Barbie and Killers of the Flower Moon, for which he is Oscar-nominated. Rodrigo talks with Marc about finding the right look for multiple Martin Scorsese movies as well as his strategy for achieving what Greta Gerwig called "artificial authenticity." They also talk about Rodrigo's work with Spike Lee, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Ang Lee, Julie Taymor, Oliver Stone, Cameron Crowe, Pedro Almodóvar, and Ben Affleck, his visual contributions to films like Babel, Frida, Brokeback Mountain, and Argo, as well as his own film which he just directed.

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Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is one of the biggest and most influential names in podcasting, media, and sports. He also happens to be an SNL savant. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Episode 1514 - America Ferrera

America Ferrera didn't expect that her performance in Barbie would lead to an Oscar nomination but few things in life have gone in a straight line for the daughter of working class immigrants from Honduras. America and Marc talk about how she encountered stereotypical typecasting even at a young age but saw that her work was making a tangible difference in how people saw themselves on the screen. They also talk about how America satisfied her desire for a career in international relations, her feelings about being part of cultural conversations dictated by others, and that Barbie monologue.

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Yvette Nicole Brown

Meet Yvette Nicole Brown,  an American actress and Craig’s long time friend. She starred as Shirley Bennett on the NBC sitcom Community, as Dani in the 2015 reboot of The Odd Couple on CBS and as Dina Rose on the ABC sitcom The Mayor. In this episode Yvette and Craig talk about religion, life, politics and why Craig thinks Yvette is the right person to run for the office! EnJOY! 

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"Natalie Portman"

Be Professional… it’s Natalie Portman! Pie n’ Burger, la langue française, and a signature required for delivery. Plug in your power adapter— it’s an all-new SmartLess.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Returns

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross feels delighted about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Tracee returns to chat with Conan once more about starring in the Best Picture nominated American Fiction, the characters she developed as a child, turning criticism into fuel, and more. Later, Conan sorts out a contentious hairstyling-related scheduling dispute with his team.


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Episode 1513 - Mark Ruffalo

Before Mark Ruffalo became the Hulk, he deeply understood what it felt like to be two people in the same skin. A high school wrestler and a member of the drama club, a surfer and a punk rocker, a person with a family history of bipolarity. Mark and Marc talk about how he used this duality in many of his roles, including his Oscar-nominated turn in Poor Things. They also talk about his recent testimony to Congress, his fear of doing SNL, and the terrifying health scare that turned his life upside down just as his career was taking off.

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