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Understanding popular teen slang

Surprised teenager opening a birthday gift voucher from her two sisters

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Not sure what the words your teen throws around all the time really mean?

Luckily, the folks at “Parents” magazine are here to help with a guide to understanding popular teen sayings.

  • “Drip”: Definition - Style, especially cool and fashionable.

Example - “That kid has some serious drip!”

  • “Pog”: Definition - Cool, epic, amazing

Example - “Ooo, that game is pog!”

  • “No Cap”: Definition - Not lying

Example - “I got an A, no cap!”

  • “Sheesh”: Definition - This term has been around for a long time, but in modern slang it’s an expression for being excited or amazed by something

Example - “Sheesh! My bestie just made the game-winning shot!”

  • “Vibe check”: Definition - To assess someone or something’s energy or personality

Example - “The comment section passes the vibe check.”

  • “Hits different”: Definition - When something is surprising or unique in a good way

Example - “The new season of “Euphoria” hits different.

  • “Slaps”: Definition - Describes something excellent or amazing, often used with music.

Example - “This song slaps!”

  • “Lives rent-free”: Definition - Refers to something you can’t stop thinking about

Example - “Our fight has lived rent-free in my head for days”


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