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Top Compliments That Come Off As Insults. Important To Know!

In the end, we’re all ego-driven people who love to be boosted by a

compliment or two…or three. That said, a poorly phrased attempt at a

compliment can have the exact opposite effect. Here are a few that have

series backfire potential:

 “You look incredible” or “Have you lost weight?” – There’s a shot that they’ll

presume that they didn’t look all that good before. If you know they’ve been trying

to lose weight, you’re better off congratulating them on their success and say

they’re inspiring.

 “You look great tonight” – As opposed to yesterday?

 “Most people wouldn’t have the confidence to wear that” – Instead of

admiration, you’re telling them they look fat or have horrible taste.

 “Normally, I go for (fill in the blank), but you’re really attractive” – You might

as well tell them they’re not your type.

 “You’re pretty (whatever) for a woman.” – You just told her how sexist you are.

 “You look good for your age.” – Seriously?

 “You’ve got a great (body part of choice)” – Superficial much?

 “You’re not like other girls” – Don’t talk about other girls…talk about


 “How are you still single?” – You’re telling her she’s a failure and undesirable.

 “You clean up nice” – So, you aren’t a fan of her regular appearance?

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