Get Ready For Intergalactic Coffee!

A new company called Space Roasters is planning o selling intergalactic coffee beans in the very near future. Pre orders are already on sale. But what are intergalactic coffee beans you ask? Well, they ARE exactly what they sound like. They are coffee beans that have been sent to space, and roasted upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere. They company says the zero Gravity environment the beans will be in will roast them perfectly and evenly when they reenter the earth. It's a wild idea and it's gonna be expensive. Early estimates figure that coffee made from these beans will end up costing anywhere from $200 and $500 a cup!! Not exactly a stocking stuffer, but a cool story anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot, to celebrate this news, I thought I'd share the classic SNL skit "Space Pants." basically because it's hilarious.



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