Friends Reunion - It's a WRAP!!!


After more than a years' delay due to the Pandemic...Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica are back at the Central Perk! According to the official Friends Instagram account, the Friends Reunion show, which by the way is reportedly paying each of the cast members several million bucks for one day, has officially been filmed!

The post says “That’s a wrap! 🎬 Could we BE anymore excited!? Friends: The Reunion is coming to @hbomax.”

The reunion was supposed to air more than a year ago and act as a launching pad for the new HBOMAX streaming service on which all 236 episodes are exclusively available...but then the world shut down and it was put on hold.

Sidebar: It been reported that aside from the several million the cast made for the reunion, each cast member makes in the neighborhood of $20 million in residuals from reruns of the show, which brings in about a billion dollars a year still!

Photo: Getty