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#TRENDING 11/16/23: New Trend: Christmas List PowerPoint Presentations

New Trend: Christmas List PowerPoint Presentations


Kids can be sneaky and manipulative sometimes. Need proof?


Christmas list POWERPOINT presentations are a thing now. And some of the ones we've seen online are pretty sleek.


The idea is to present a list to your parents in the most organized way possible, and you'll up your chances of getting more stuff. You also want to make the buying process easy by including links to everything.


It's not a brand-new idea. A kid's PowerPoint wish list went viral last year too. But it's gaining steam, because more people have smart TVs that pair with phones and computers. So kids can easily cast onto a big-screen now.


Some woman posted a six-minute video of her daughter Kayla's presentation the other day. She ended up asking for $2,500 worth of stuff.  (!!!)  (Here's a screenshot.)


Another strategy behind it is your parents will be impressed and proud of you . . . especially if they DON'T know how to do a PowerPoint. So they'll reward you with more gifts. 


(NY Post


(Here's Victoria's video, and here's another one.)


Originally posted on November 16th, 2023

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