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Walk The Dog & Drunk Words

Security Breach & Skip Workout

The company Wyze had a security breach where people to view other peoples' cameras. Dangerous Dave talks about how that could be worse than hacks of other information. Plus, skipping you workout during the week is not a big deal, as long as you workout hard during the weekend.

Chores & Hardest Working Cities

How much are your daily chores worth? Dangerous Dave talks about a poll where people said, if they got paid or paid someone to do their chores, it would be around $134 per day. Plus, the Wallethub survey of the hardest working cities has Washington, DC at number 1.

Ruin Your Day and New Words

Dangerous Dave talks about the top things to ruin our day and what we can do about them, including not worrying about what you cannot control. Plus, new words and phrases going into Dictionary.com this year including "cheat-code".

Flowers Last & Singles Awareness Day

Want to make the flowers you got for Valentines day last? Dangerous Dave talks about a bunch of hacks and which ones actually work. Plus, day after Valentines is "Singles Awareness Day" and we celebrate being single.

Valentines Tidbits & Activities

It's Valentines Day and Dangerous Dave talks about various tidbits about the holiday and activities people are planning for the big day.

National Radio Day & Bigger Baby

It's National Radio Day and Dangerous Dave celebrates the industry and talks about our listening habits. Plus, who is a bigger baby when they are sick, men or women? Men it is and we talk stats.

National Poop Day & Valentines Dates

Monday is "National Poop Day" and Dangerous Dave talks about our habits and more on the old number 2. Plus, Valentines dates for the big day on the 14th.

Groundhog Day & Weird At ER

It's Groundhog Day and Dangerous Dave talks about some stats from this day including the fact they used to eat the groundhog at the end of the day's celebration. Plus, weird thing people have brought into the ER with them according to doctors.

Healthy Drinks & Googled

Now that dry January is over, Dangerous Dave talks about drinks that are healthier for you including Bloody Marys and Hot Toddies. Plus, top things we Googled in January.