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Password Child & Do As Adults

Bathroom Germs & No Shoes

Dangerous Dave talks about things we do to avoid germs in public restrooms, including using the paper towel to open the door and using out butt to move the door. Plus, you know the phrase "no shoes, no shirt, no service? Many people would go barefoot all the time if that were not the case. Probably not up north here where there is snow for 6 months (or more) of the year.

Refrigerate & Googled Words

What do you put in the fridge that other don't? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey where some do and don't refrigerate ketchup, mayonaise, eggs and even bread. Plus, what words are we Googling the most to know how to spell? Restaurants tops the list, but how do we know that people can't spell it instead of finding somewhere to eat?

Day Off & Oversharing

If you could have a day off during the week, which day would you pick? A professor from the University of Texas says "Wednesday" is the best day. Dangerous Dave disagrees, he would rather take Monday to get the 3 day weekend and avoid Monday all together. Plus, what are we oversharing on social media? A survey says politics tops the list and mundane posts like food is also on the list.

Most Polite & Feel Like Adult

Dangerous Dave talks about the most polite state based upon words they Google like please and sir. Plus, when did you feel like an adult. Many between 18 and 42 still don't like adulthood. The don't know basic skills like changing oil or even changing a diaper.

St Pats Traditions & Unique Relationship Rules

Dangerous Dave talks about St Patrick's traditions that most likely did not originate in Ireland but most likely in the US, like drinking on St Partrick's Day. Plus, do you have any unique relationship rules? Many do including having your fight naked, because it tough to stay mad and whisper fighting.

Thumbs Down & Kids Decisions

What finger is your "driving finger"? Dangerous Dave talks about the trend now is to use "thumbs down" instead of the middle finger. Apparently it is more effective and less hostile. Plus, what decisions do you let your kids make? Top answers include decorating their rooms, where to eat and even vacation.

New Parent Advice & Abbreviations

Did you know that new parents get over 200 pieces of advice from other parents in the first 6 months. Dangerous Dave talks about the advice they dislike the most. Plus, do you see a lot of abbreviations on social media, online and in texts? We share what they mean IKYDK (in case you don't know)!

Laundry & Low Paying Job

How long should you wear your pj's before you wash them? Dangerous Dave talks about a study that says you can wait a week if you shower before bed every night, otherwise every day as well as you socks and underwear. Plus, would you rather have a low paying job you love or a high paying job you hate? Most in the survey said low paying.

Daylight Saving & Normal to Dangerous

Have you adjusted to Daylight Saving Time? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey that says 21% of people like the time change, but 62% want to make DLST permanent. Plus, we talks thing that were once considered "normal" that are now "dangerous" like lead in paint and teflon pans for cooking.