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Memorial Day Stats & Pretend To Like

Lucky Penny Day & Car Share

Would you pick a penny up off the ground? Dangerous Dave talks about around half of people would, some would need a nickel or more. Plus, pet peeves of sharing a vehicle.

Hotel Vs Home & AI Computer Record

What are things you do in a hotel that you never do at home? Dangerous Dave talks about that list that is trending online. Plus, AI that will record everything you do and look at on your computer. Do we really want that?

Bad Driving States & Bad Advice

Dangerous Dave talks about the worst driving states based on fatalities, drunk driving and a few other factors and where ND and MN sit on those lists. Plus, common advice that is outdated and become bad advice, including don't go bed angry.

Cashless & Take The Pen

Do you think we will have a cashless society in your lifetime? Dangerous Dave talks about a survey that say almost 1/2 of people think so. Plus, is it ok to steal the pen from the server who just brought your bill? 8% of people say "yes".

Men's Friends & Smarter, Richer

A recent study says that men are less likely to be friends with other men who's significant other is similar to their own. Dangerous Dave explores what happened and how women reacted to the same study. Plus, would you rather be 5 times richer, smarter or better looking? Smarter took top in this poll.

Trip Vs Vacation & Normal States

Most people agree a trip is different from a vacation. Dangerous Dave talks about vacations you disconnect from work and stay longer. Plus, most average states according to certain variables. 

Unisex Names & AI Copy

Dangerous Dave talks about the most popular unisex baby names. The ones used for boys and girls and "Charlie" tops the list. Plus, would you let AI take over for you when you are dead? It's a thing and there is a waiting line.

Memorial Day Travel & Know You're Old

If you plan to travel on Memorial Day Weekend, Dangerous Dave talks about when you can expect the busiest times according to AAA. Plus, how to know you are old.

Refreshed & Learn From Mistakes

How much time do you have to spend outside to feel refreshed? Dangerous Dave talks about a poll that says 67 minutes is needed. Might be tought up north in the summer time. Plus, is there a point we no longer learn from our mistakes? Studies say "yes" and we look at why.