The Martha Quinn Show

The Martha Quinn Show

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Episode 192-Passionate Side Hustles

Episode-191-Martha Quinn Chats With Billy Joel & Songwriter Freddy Wexler

Billy Joel is BACK with new music and we are so excited!
Martha Quinn chats with Billy and songwriter Freddy Wexler about Billy's new song "Turn The Lights Back On" as Christie and Karena give their thoughts on the interview and what surprised them the most!

Episode 190-Martha Gets Excited About Shaving & What The Heck Is Chat GPT?

Martha shares some 'Totally Awesome' news with Christie and Karena and she also asks...what in the heck is chat GPT??

Episode 189-Is Martha Getting A Matching Tattoo With A Celebrity??

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena talk about tattoos. Is Martha Quinn getting a matching tattoo with a HUGE celebrity?? Enjoy!

Episode 188-What Didn't Happen In 2023

Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena are back with an all-new podcast for 2024!
Last year was incredibly rough and challenging for all three ladies. In this episode, the girls talk about what didn't happen to them in 2023 after Martha got cancer and Christie got hit by a car!

Episode 187-"Bay American Idol"

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena listen to some of the contestants on American Idol who recently covered songs from the 80s. The ladies put on their judge's hat to decide who moves on to the next round!

Episode 186-Christie's Wedding Do's & Don'ts

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn asks Christie about wedding tips because her daughter Anabelle recently got engaged and Christie has DJ'd a ton of weddings! Christie shares her best advice while Karena talks about a wedding horror story she was a part of!

Episode 185-What Are You Passionate About

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena Velazquez share the things/topics that they are passionate about. Feel free to let us know what YOU are passionate about in the comments!

Episode 184-How'd You Get That Scar

Do you have a scar? How did you get it? Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena Velazquez talk about their scars and an electric can opener that is changing lives!

Episode 183-What's Up With Us & Martha's Big News

The Three Amigas are BACK! Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena Velazquez haven't been together in a while and they have tons to share. Christie is officially single while Karena has joined a dating app but Martha has the BIGGEST news yet!!!!